our bodies went missing in the night

At night, if I can arrange my blankets just right, there is a tunnel that I can slip into that leads straight into your bed. You grab me around the waist and pull me back under the covers. You whisper to me, "It's not right to be so miserable." I nod, because I know you're going to let me go again, and I'll wake up in my bed alone.

When I'm there, there are no more questions. When you hold my hand like that, it's hard to remember anything that's happened in the last year. 

I woke up this morning with blue ink on my thigh, it read "Why I'd rather dream than sit around bleakly with bores in 'real' life". I like to invent you, my own personal funny little frog, but sometimes I wake up and I am only talking to myself. I'd rather dream of you than sit around in real life.

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Effy-Underground said...

I love it. So diverse as I feel the same way, or more like I think about that. ....yeah I hope that made sense.