maiiim myyy biiitch

I swallowed my words, I bit my tongue. I waited til the edge wasn't so sharp, to the point that it came through the other side, the way everything goes full circle, looping back to the beginning when you wish things would be linear.

Just be positive.

I put these words in my pocket, along with two nickels, the key to the store and my bus card. They dissolve in my mouth and I am empty again.
The babes open their sleepy eyes in the glare of the headlight before the car speeds up and they are asleep again. You never saw your father as a smoker, a drinker, a man that would act as if he might roll over a car full of children, but this is a man that let go of the handlebars because he felt constantly "threatened" by his own family.

Be friendlier, because he might spend more money on you.

If it weren't for parents, people might actually grow up believing in love, that money can't buy happiness, even God.

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