Am I allowed to admit here that I love torrents? And it's really hard for me to believe how easy it has made my life. I used to download song by song, scouring blogs to find everything I could. Or going on terrible websites like Multiply (I'm not trying to insult people who use Multiply) and searching music posts just to download random music, simply because it was all that was available to me. I feel like someone who used to rummage through garbage and has just been introduced to grocery stores. Even years after its introduction, I'm still surprised at how easy it is, and am overcome with this feeling of utter bliss.

So I guess one benefit of not being in the dorms is this whole torrenting business. If I had to buy all 804 albums I own, I don't think I'd have any money for tuition or space in my dorm.

I think I'm going to have to stop taking naps on the couch because they are seriously messing up my dreams. I've had two of the strangest dreams of my life. I won't even go into them because they're TMI, and I don't think anyone wants that imagery in their head.

La Roux - Quicksand

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