I'm Not The Dark Center of the Universe, Like You Thought

This "Rumble in the Jungle" has finally finished. We've gone our eight rounds. I've been stuck on the ropes, I've been doing the rope-a-dope. I'm walking away tonight, but it hardly feels like a victory.

I tally up the punches we've exchanged, and neither of us are innocent.

I'm not the dark center of the universe like you thought. But, I have to admit, neither are you.

I would say, I only ever wanted good things for you, but you wouldn't believe me. I would say, I tried to bury pennies underneath your window frame, but you wouldn't look. I would say, please forgive me, but you won't.

After all this, I'm still hoping we'll stay friends. But you're no Foreman, and I'm no Ali. We've only walked away from this injured.

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