please please please put me out

You make me tired of apologies. I'm tired of saying them, you're tired of hearing them. I'm tired of forgiving people who won't forgive me. I'm tired of keeping everyone at arm's length, of trying to convince everyone to keep their dead mouths from accosting me.

I look at everyone around me, and I wonder why we ever allowed each other to grow up. Why did I ever let you stop telling me stories, why did we start worrying about the shape of our bodies and the types of clothes we wore? Why did we ever allow ourselves to repeat our parents' mistakes?

If there was ever a place and a time when we could just stop, I'd peel away your scars like old bandages. We'd build a fort between our beds, we'd lay our legs under your mattress, we'd take the dollhouse out of the closet and invent stories again.

But we are grown up. And I am sorry for that.


mindy said...

does the title refer to a candle? cause if you put a candle out, we'll be left in the dark. :)

amda said...

hahhah it's actually from the song, "Someday Soon" by Harlem

It goes, "Someday soon you'll be on fire / And you'll ask me for a glass of water / And I'll say, 'No, you can just let that sh_t burn' / And you'll say, 'Please, please, please, put me out / I promise not to do it again, whatever I did to you.'"

Chris Bro said...

love that song

amda said...

yeah, it might be one of my favorite songs on that album. it's such a great opener, too.