i can't write a metaphor, but we're going to be okay

I don't know how to write a happy story. It could be because it always feels like bragging, but more likely it is because the only times I come close to happiness, the feeling is more akin to triumphant anger than to anything more familiar.

I heard that men seem more masculine when their head is raised, while women look more feminine when their face is lowered. Exactly when are we supposed to make eye contact, then? My own head finds it difficult to navigate these hemispheres of masculinity and femininity. The top of my head drops down to the pavement, but my chin refuses to give in, it raises itself above all of the hateful things in my chest. The result is like a ship slowly sinking.

The smell of your car tells me that nothing has changed, that nothing ever changes. The characters can change but we're still the same, waiting to make the same mistakes. I smile, content with the familiarity, reckless about what comes next. I wonder how we can take our mistakes and make them into second chances, but I just get impatient.


Peachyyy said...

I stumbled upon your blog. Verrrry interesting!
Can you please please make the font size a bit larger? Pretty please :)

Shan said...

Your post made me think, very insightful.

amda said...

@Peachyyy - You know, I've gotten that remark quite a bit. I'll make sure to make the font larger the next time around (I don't much feel like changing all of the past ones, simply because there are so many of them!). Thanks for reading and commenting (:

@Shan - I'm glad that you found something useful from my post. I was just thinking to myself, it's so great that I write ambiguously. It leaves so much room for interpretation.

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Mr. Berlin said...

The characters change but the stories all stay the same. That is so true.

Fatimaa.S said...

Very well written! You got yourself a new follower :)