I Don't Want To Be Sad Again

Most days my words are unfaithful; as much as I would love to be caught up with this project, and not be blowing through all of the day offs I've allowed myself to take, most days I seriously question my ability to write something worth reading. Surrounded by better writers, I feel almost bashful trying to assert that my words are worth reading.

I honestly don't want to use inadequate words to describe possibly life-changing albums.


Anonymous said...

nope there isn't a thing to be bashful about your last post is a testament to that, your writing is beautiful and true and it captures everything even the smallest of details.

It's really inspiring when you blog about music you give so much insight to the band and your personal feelings for that band, even if I've never heard of the band you're talking about I feel like I should listen to it and often times I feel the same way about the music you're talking about.

You have great insight there are billions of great writers and I consider you to be one of them. And I hope that you never stop writing.
The world would be poorer for it, even when it's hard please try to write you'll only get better I'm sure of it.

thedreamweaverandme said...

i agree with nathan