I'll Gamble Away My Time

The Flying Club Cup by Beirut

There are certain bands or musicians you'll always remember. No one forgets the first time they heard music: when a single word, or the twang of a guitar ripped through your previous understanding of "music" and left in its wake something nostalgia may very well transform in your mind as legend. For me, Beirut's The Flying Club Cup may very well be the first album that made me love music all over again. I had spent about two years in a musical dry spell, and when Condon sung "Oh it's been a long time since I've seen you smile" I felt like I had just woken up.

Part of what made the album really reach me was the La Blogotheque videos of each track.

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Nathan said...

I'm crazy for beirut! I'll never forget beirut, maybe it's not as mentioned in your posting but even when I've moved on to different things it'll be the nostalgic CD in my car but definitely not laying on the floor, no CD SHOULD BE TREATED LIKE THAT unless it's just horrible in music and if that's the case it should be chucked out of the window at max speed.