Reeaaallll Luuuuvvvv

There are days when the music I'm listening to at the moment is better than all the albums of the past decade.

"Real Love" - Beach House
I grew up with my parents' stories of how they met, and knew they were meant to be. If there was ever a song that more perfectly summed up their faith in the fate of their love, it would be this. With the single line, "Real love, it finds you somewhere with your back to it", I remember the blush in my mom's cheeks when she admitted to loving my dad when she first saw him. I remember the bewildered expression that overcame my dad's face, recalling my mom's antics of pushing him away to reveal his true feelings. If I had actually heard this song the moment my parents first told the story of how they'd met, I might have become an irreversible romantic. Thank goodness that didn't happen.

"My Way" - jj
I've listened to this song way too much. I only want someone to say to me, "Mama ya wine fine" and mean it.

"The Great Elsewhere" - Owen Pallett
Heartland is an amazing album, but by far my favorite track is "The Great Elsewhere". Who else can use words like blunderbuss and mizzenmast. I can't get over the line, "No I've seen His work upon the panes of the cathedral, in the sweat of the workers and the flight of the seagulls".

"Madder Red" - Yeasayer
I still can't get over this song. The opening, "Even when my luck is down/I take joy in knowing that our love grows/But if my vices are a burden/Please don't let me off/Cast me from your home" is so penitent, and yet way too enjoyable to sing along to.

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Nathan said...

the great elsewhere I torrented them a few days ago it's a great album and I love that song. you as a irreversible romantic might not have been so bad ^_-