Welcome to 2009?

A couple of years ago, this site was mentioned on Large Hearted Boy, a very well known blog that many people respect. And sometime between then and now, Hipsteradio has slipped into abyss. What exactly happened?

The success of Hipsteradio was due in large part to the authors who wrote on it as well. They were some of my closest friends in high school, and we enjoyed writing whatever nonsense we felt like. It also increased the amount of times we would check back on our own blog, and would consequently cause us to post more things. Over time, as some of our friendships weakened, we lost motivation to go back to a blog that just reminded us of something that isn't there anymore.

As the creator of Hipsteradio, I can't as easily turn my back on it. I have been considering whether I want to completely delete this blog. I can't.

So instead, I'll welcome in the year of 2009 and possibly get back to posting here. Although, this will be extremely difficult because my harddrive crashed and I lost all of my music. I am borrowing a computer from a friend (although by now I think it's mine) but it only has about 10 GB of free space for my music.

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