Be Kind To Me Or Treat Me Mean

I've been useless. Like the one chipped plate in your dining set, like the one wilted rose in your anniversary bouquet (the one rose ruining your twelve month metaphor), like the one burnt light bulb darkening your chandelier.

In the last few days, I have been gathering my metaphors like homeless leaves, I have been tucking them way in the dark corners of my dresser, next to the high school I.D. with a suicide hotline on the back, with my mother's strand of pink plastic pearls (her favorite piece of jewelry, now with a broken clasp), the million dark treasures I can't bear to throw away.

I'll put away my metaphors, I'll vacuum the stairs. I'll hide in the kitchen, restless fingers sculpting your dinner, scrubbing your dishes. I'll sit in the corner with the unplugged fan, I'll turn myself into an appliance, if only to be useful again.

I've given up on being good. I just want to be useful to you.


mindy said...

I don't get it, but I love it.

amda said...

aww thanks Mindy (: