My Mom Puts Raisins In My Captain Crunch

Today, I poured out my Captain Crunch and there were about twenty raisins from my sister's Raisin Bran in my bowl. Yuck.

In an attempt to rekindle whatever gusto I had when beginning this project, I watched Julie and Julia once again. I was reminded of the movie after reading about thirty pages of A Piece of Cake, a 500 page book on just cakes (there are over 380 recipes and entire chapters dedicated to real knowledge behind baking).

Even though it's been a very tough few months, I think it's important to remind myself that part of the reason I did this project was simply for the joy of discovering new music. I want to be more respectful in my future reviews, and to invest more time trying to understand them. There will be quite a few albums I will be reviewing again towards the end of the year, primarily those that I feel simply did not do enough. I always tell people that albums are meant to be understood, not brushed off, and here I am doing exactly what I chastise others for doing.

A third of my year has gone by, and I'm still struggling to find my voice. It almost feels as if I am starting all over again as a new writer, and so I am fairly certain that many of the next few reviews will be bumbling and cringe-worthy. But I am really going to try, and that makes all the difference to me.

And, a special happy birthday to Clemente, who turned 20 years old today!

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