Really, this thing isn't freaking over yet? I'm going to try and wrap this thing up. Here are some other obvious best albums of the year, just to get them out of the way. If I have time left over, I will add some of the other albums I've gotten from this  year that got less attention.

Forgiveness Rock Record - Broken Social Scene
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Though I've been a long-time fan of Broken Social Scene, I really wasn't as interested in Forgiveness Rock Record as I thought I would be. The only track that really stuck with me was "Sweetest Kill", which really just overshadowed the entire album. I know that I'm kind of selling this album short; the concept of forgiveness is fantastic, and the album does a great job of balancing the gravity of forgiveness without getting crushed by it.

Broken Dreams Club - Girls
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I'll be honest, I didn't actually listen to this one until last night before falling asleep. As per usual, Girls has made quite a few beautiful, heartbreaking songs. These songs feel wistful, while at the same time managing to still feel hopeful. And it always helps that Christopher Owens included a hand-written letter.

Halcyon Digest - Deerhunter
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Again, here is another album that I really haven't spent a lot of time with. Even so, you don't need to know every technical detail of the album or have every lyric memorized to recognize that Deerhunter has once again made a beautiful, hard to pin down album. The whole thing feels languid and weird, but with Deerhunter's unique take on "pop music". 

I am sure that I am missing a few, but looking through all of the albums I've reviewed thus far, I feel as if that's already a pretty good summary of the year so far.  There may be a couple more albums that I will tack on as I listen to them (unbelievably, there are still twenty or so more albums I have yet to listen to).

I have to say that listening to some of these albums and being reminded of where I was when I last heard them has been weird. The start and the end of the year feel like they were lifetimes away; in this blog alone there are miles upon miles of sentences I have written between who I was last January and who I am now.

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Clemente said...

FRR has actually grown on me. Somehow, I think the first 5 tracks make it easy to miss the second half of the album. World Sick sounds so big, Chase Scene is wtf, Texico Bitches is really Beck-ish, and All to All... I dunno. I just don't like it like others seem to (see: jeph jacques). Anyway, Art House Director through Me and My Hand is just awesome. Feels like classic BSS with a new feel. YFIIP is still the best, but this is good too :)

And yay halcyon digest