I guess that if I want to share all the albums I have, I should post at least one more segment today. And since I woke up from a nap and feel as refreshed as I can possibly feel when my throat feels like someone decided to grate it with a cheese grater in my sleep, I will attempt to post some more albums right now. (Oh, and in case you can't tell, I am not really trying to be eloquent here. I would invest more time proofreading and trying to sound like I have some command of the English language, but...well, I'm just not going to until after I'm not sick anymore.)

Kilimanjaro - Superpitcher
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Again, I have only listened to this album for the first time today, and this is my first time ever listening to Superpitcher. Even with just a cursory listen, the album expresses a lot of gloom and loneliness, but is still surprisingly enjoyable. The album rarely drags along, and Superpitcher does an expert job of using a very wide palette of sounds, but never makes any of them feel out of place. Although there are only 11 tracks, each one is actually quite lengthy, and the album tips the scale at just over an hour. And even if you don't have the patience for the whole album, the song "Joanna" makes it all worth it.

Astro Coast - Surfer Blood
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Okay, well obviously this album has my vote for best album cover of this year. Even if the album cover is a little bit too intense for you, the music itself is sure to please. Each song is chock-full of hooks, and if you have a craving for an album that just has some really great guitar-playing, this one is it. There really isn't much to say about this album, other than its appeal speaks for itself. At just 10 tracks, the album is just short enough to necessitate a second listen without making the guitar sound tired or too familiar. I couldn't recommend any album more than this (and yet my words couldn't fall more short. Seriously, guys, listen to it if you haven't already!!!)

Ring - Glasser
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To my personal frustration, Glasser has been compared to Bat for Lashes a little bit too much for my own comfort. The comparison is easy to understand; both artists have a signature kind of   breathy vocal and a penchant for music that seems to attempt to achieve a higher art than just being popular. But unlike Bat for Lashes, Glasser's music manages to be effortless rather than put on, and is instantly easy to like.

Two Thousand and Ten Injuries - Love is All
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To me it seems like such a shame that Love is All isn't more popular. Since their debut, the band has put forth two other albums that have largely been swallowed up by the swarm of other albums we have access to, thanks to the internet. In fact, Love is All has released consistently amazing albums and offer a very unique sound, but enjoy far less recognition for it than would be expected. True, the incredibly intense saxophone playing might put off a few of the weak-hearted. And true, not everyone thinks singing with an accent is adorable. But above all that, Love is All sings honest songs about making out then falling out and then making up, about how a million injuries and getting drunk and regretting it, about thinking you are over your ex until you see them with someone else, and wanting to show that you've matured. And not to mention, in the age of chillwave, sometimes it's fun to have an album that tries to make as much noise as they can possibly muster.

Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier - Sun Airway
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I'll be first to admit that there are moments when Sun Airway feels like they're floating right up into their own dreamy world. If at moments their language seems a little too dreamy to be believable or relate-able, they redeem themselves with moments of honesty, like the lines "I'm just waiting on you to bring yourself to justice" and "I'm just looking for a perfect sentence to keep us alive". And above all else, Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier is remarkably warm. Besides, who doesn't want a little more dreaminess in their life?

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