The great thing about writing all of this stuff is that it takes up such a huge part of my day that might otherwise be spent playing game and after game of minesweeper. Though I am beginning to feel that I am really just writing all of this for myself. So I guess, either way, my time would be wasted. The following are albums that took a while for me to like, for one reason or another. Though some were worth the effort of growing into it, others are just things you aren't going to like very much right away, and even after you see its merits, you're still just not that interested.

Odd Blood - Yeasayer
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Despite a very promising single and a whole lot of hype, I think that most people would agree with me that Odd Blood kind of fell short of everyone's high hopes. Aside from "Ambling Alp", Odd Blood has been all but written off as a flop. And though even I have not listened to Odd Blood anywhere near as many times as I have listened to other albums, it still has its moments, particularly "O.N.E.", "Madder Red", and "I Remember". 

High Violet - The National
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I know quite a few people personally that would never, ever touch an album by The National. And I wouldn't quite blame them; Matt Berninger seems to have a hard time emoting. But I also know a few other people that believed The National hit it out of the park with Alligator and Boxer (myself included). Personally, listening to High Violet for the first time was something of a disappointment — it felt entirely unfamiliar and just a little too ornate. Even so, High Violet is something of an intense album, exploring the same old themes of just trying to muster all the effort it takes to live life the way everyone expects you to.

Sisterworld - Liars
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Okay, I think this might anger a few people. But what can I say, I've just never really been a fan. I don't think I really understand the appeal. I am entirely aware that Liars has put out consistently great albums, but for all the energy I put into them, I just can't ever seem to pay attention long enough to hear what everybody else is hearing. But even so, I can understand the merit. When it comes to tension, Sisterworld really delivers.

Romance Is Boring - Los Campesinos!
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I'm not sure how many people have listened to this album (I don't know any people personally that listen to Los Campesinos!), but as far as truly relate-able albums go, Romance Is Boring is at once incredibly honest and endearingly humorous. The whole thing feels like it's about to explode with emotional catharsis; Gareth is direct and honest about his personal life, but at the same time poetic, witty, and insightful (whatever the moment demands). There are really few albums that are as quite satisfying.

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