This morning I woke up to a tiny dusting of snow on the roof and on our deck. By the time I finished eating my breakfast the snow had already almost completely melted. I keep hoping it will snow more sometime during the day, but seeing as this is Bellevue, I highly doubt we'll get anything more.

Yesterday's break was much needed; I hadn't realized that cramming all of the music I could listen to in a small span of time would actually burn me out so much. Luckily today I have no real distractions, other than relocating music files. I will have to write about these albums without actually listening to them, which is harder than it sounds sometimes.

Subiza - Delorean
Insound | Pitchfork Review | Mediafire

Last year I listened to Ayrton Senna EP and had hoped that they would make a full album in the same vein. Subiza, then, was a fantastic album building on all of the the things that they did right with Ayrton Senna EP without being stale. Delorean manages to make effortless pop music, combining Balearic disco influences with dance pop and indie. It really doesn't matter if you can identify all the different influences in a single track on Subiza, because ultimately the album wins you over with its beautiful pop music.

Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles
Insound | Pitchfork Review | Mediafire

There are any number of reasons why you might not like Crystal Castles, from their horrible behavior to just plain not liking their first album. Their second album is a move closer to pop music, with moments of clarity and sparse sound instead of the pounding barrage of noise their debut delivered. Even so, Crystal Castles is still familiar; all they're doing here is adding depth to their craft.

Cults 7" - Cults
Pitchfork Rising | Bandcamp

These three tracks seem hardly enough to warrant a place on any list, but all the same, they are three very solid tracks. As could be expected, there is a hell of a lot of anticipation for their debut album, not just based on "Go Outside", but also their successful single "Oh My God', recorded for Adult Swim.

I would attempt a couple more, but simply don't have the time. Perhaps tomorrow!

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