OK Cowboy by Vitalic

It seems that it's difficult for Pitchfork to talk about Vitalic without using murderous imagery, and they're not wrong. Songs on OK Cowboy have such a fierce intensity that you really do feel like you're about to be murdered.

Three of the tracks, "Poney Part 1", "Poney Part 2" and "La Rock 01" were on his previous release, Poney EP, were incredibly successful, yet they function in the album alongside other songs, rather than stick out like sore thumbs.

One thing that is hard to wrap your mind around is that every single sound on this album is made with synths. Those drums? The guitars? The organs? Yep, all synths. In interviews, it's clear why Arbez chose not to have guest vocals or other instruments; every sound on the album was meticulously and arduously created by Arbez himself. Every sound for the single "My Friend Dario", for example, was created with synths, right down to the electronic female vocals.

Oh, and one more thing. Did you know that Pascal Arbez used to like telling people that he was a male prostitute that could only speak Russian? He had aliases Dima and Hustler Pornstar, and when he went on tour people provided him translators because they thought he couldn't speak English. How much cooler can you get?

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