Run Into Flowers

Today necessitates a break from my project; even on the most perfect days, sometimes the music just doesn't reach you. Which is a shame, since the music I've been listening to today have been really wonderful -- Air's Talkie Walkie, M83's Saturdays=Youth, and Animal Collective's Feels.

This house is too noisy; the breathing of the heat vents, the air purifiers, the inhabitants. The gurgle of water, hiss of the stove and everything is too cramped. When I want to be floating along with the lofty "Banshee Beat", I'm trudging through this house, it's dirty carpets and asylum walls holding me in. It's the sound of other people's thoughts intruding my brain, clogging my ear canals and using my synapses, and I'm having trouble feeling more than just human.

But on the other hand, it's good to be grounded; I'm tired of floating through these albums. I'm being stretched thin, I grasp at a lyric and the next day it's already changed. Instead of trying to achieve something higher, it's just the music and me, and it's a merciful release.

It's been a tough day, but Animal Collective always seems to make it easier. I'm especially in love with "Loch Raven". 

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