It's been a week since I started my project, which means only 51 more to go. I reviewed five of the albums on my list thus far, a barely negligible dent on this massive project.

There are more albums than I thought I wouldn't be able to find, such as Max Tundra's Mastered By the Guy at the Exchange. I'm looking forward to actually putting an effort in finding these albums, whether it be at the library or going out to buy these albums.

Surprisingly, the project has actually improved my life; I think people rarely pay enough attention to embrace the things in their life. The lyrics and the music has definitely saved small pieces of me that I've tucked away in the past three years.

It's been a better week than I thought it would be.

On the other hand, the project has been kind consuming. I haven't exactly had a chance to talk about the things I want to, like sharing the newest Animal Collective music video for "Brother Sport", which as far as I can tell is still only on Pitchfork.

There have been a couple albums I've been enjoying, not necessarily because they're works of art but because they're just easy to listen to, such as Island's last release, Vapours. The songs aren't necessarily the deepest, or most beautiful lyrically, but the songs are pretty synth-friendly and upbeat. Another would be Junior Boys' Begone Dull Care, which, again, is a very easy to listen to album. My favorite track would probably be "Dull to Pause", and I feel that it peaks at "Hazel" (after which the songs kind of seem to burn out).

And if anyone knows a better way to convert FLAC to MP3s, please tell me. Currently the only truly free program is WinAmp, which is a really annoying program. I tried some other programs that exclusively convert FLAC to MP3, but most of them were only trial versions, and it gets frustrating when, after every button you push, it pops up a question if you'd like to upgrade. So help! I have too many albums stuck in FLAC!

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