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Talkie Walkie by Air

I've never really been a fan of Air, and have pretty much written them off, aside from one song, "Sexy Boy". When I listened to them two years ago, I found them extremely boring, the vocals seemed to be too apathetic and my overall impression of the band was less than enthused. And when my computer crashed and I lost all my music, I didn't even consider "Sexy Boy" worth the space that it would take on my limited hard drive.

I never once expected that I'd listen to Air, and above all I never thought that I would ever enjoy it (I'm still wondering "what the hell?!").

What attracts me the most on this album is the amount of breath each song is given; what I once interpreted as laziness and lack of excitement I now recognize as patience. Each song is almost meticulously perfect, but instead of feeling heavy and cramped, the songs are spacial, breathy, dreamy and completely effortless.

Talkie Walkie is probably one of the most aptly named albums, as each song feels immediately distant but strangely intimate. "Venus" is easily one of the sappiest love songs you'll ever hear, but the distorted spaciness of it keeps you from being melted into a puddle. Personally, I connect strongly with "Universal Traveler", with the lyrics "Just feel everywhere at home/Tomorrow is a brand new day/Let's go somewhere else". Other favorite tracks would be "Run", and "Surfing on a Rocket".

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Nathan said...

I'll look into air, this sexy boy stuff has me skeptical though!