Made in the Dark

Random inspiration has turned my desk once again into a mess; I decided to hand make a CD holder, for what CD is yet to be determined.

I could only scan the front and the back, since the inside kept getting crinkled in my scanner.

It's made of two pieces of paper I tore out of an old sketchbook (since it was the only paper that was thick and closer to cardstock than construction paper). Most of the buildings, animals, trees, etc. were made on regular computer paper, cut out and pasted onto it, and I mainly used a black ink pen and color pencils.

I also made a picture to put in the header. This I used another page from my sketchbook, regular printer paper for the animals, and paper that a friend of mine bought for me at the UW Bookstore.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to claim the bear. also the picture on the top of the page in the headline is amazing and boy that paper sure looks familiar :D