Blue Dreams

Hopefully everyone has come back from the Thanksgiving weekend a little fatter and a little happier. Unlike me, who only came out fatter and grumpier. (Much grumpier)

Okay, so I have decided that the official start of the end of the year music list will commence on December 15th, and that it will continue up until 2010. I might be the only person excited here, but I'm excited enough for all of us (the figurative "us". We promise we don't have split personalities.)

In the meantime, I felt like it might be suitable to talk a little about the movies that also came out this year. Call this a "best of 2009", if you will. May I first mention how alien-y we are this year? We have Monsters vs. Aliens, The Fourth Kind, District 9, Transformers (let's not forget that they are robots from another planet). Oh, and the trailer for Planet 51, and though it isn't a movie, the new TV series on ABC called V. So 2009: the year of the alien...movies. But other highlights for me this year were movies like Paper Heart, (500) Days of Summer, Mary and Max, Whip It, and Paranormal Activity.

*whispered: aaaand New Moon

Just kidding.

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