So Bored

I have no idea why I'm up so early either. I woke up at 6:30 and instead of letting myself go back to sleep I just woke up and am now here, doing nothing. Oh wait, I'm not doing nothing. I am being slowly frozen to death.

I think that it is about time this moved away from boring web blog and transitioned to boring web blog that talks about music.

So I've had this cover of Wavves' "So Bored" by Anamanaguchi. I just learned that Anamanaguchi uses "thick, electronic tones of a hacked Nintendo Entertainment system". Haha whaaat? It's actually not as tacky as it sounds. (Or it is as awesome as it sounds, if that was your initial reaction)

Anamanaguchi - So Bored

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Russell said...

my reaction was definitely the latter. thanks!