Tragic Little Teacup

Okay, one midterm and a three hour nap later and I think the Midterm Zombie has been successfully vanquished. Back to the living!

So I'm supposed to be doing this gigantic end of year music playlist, of basically every album released this year and every album I've listened to this year. I have yet to set the exact date for when this playlist will appear, but I have a hunch it will be sometime at the end of this year...har har. Oh, and there is only three blog posts remaining until we reach the 700th! I'm still not sure exactly how I plan on celebrating that. I'm thinking I'll rewind every one hundred posts and quote them again, just for the fun of it.

And I am currently listening to Bishop Allen's newest album, Grrr..., which, despite being less than amazing, is an easy album to bob your head to. Simple pop songs with simple lyrics and lots of jangly sounds. (Really. That's about all you can say about this album. Not the best, but jangly and head-bobbing)

Bishop Allen - Don't Hideaway

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