Hoping to Have a Hoot

I'm relieved that we're slowly transitioning from early fall with its crisp morning air and flurries of tree debris to the dark depression of late November. You can already feel the holiday grumbles in the air.

I really want to go to Seattle soon and go antiquing. Sadly it's something I really enjoy. At the very least I'm sure that Pioneer Square is impressive this time of year, with the autumn leaves (though I strongly suspect that at this point they are only skeletons now).

Right now I am questing for a truly good jacket that I really connect with, and also a way to keep the Shel Silverstein poem Where the Sidewalk Ends in my pocket. I kind of want to learn how to stitch letterings so that I can sew it into my pockets. I would go so far as to keep it close to my skin, though I have a feeling that that would just be exceedingly corny (I feel as though I rarely have the lucidity of mind to think things through and realize how stupid I really am). But really, sometimes when things are so beautiful you don't want to let them go, I wish that it were possible to just keep it close to my skin.

Not exactly going along with the general depressing theme of this post, I recently started listening to Wild Beast's latest album, Two Dancers. I feel fairly unfortunate for getting their album so late in the game, but no matter what it's definitely better having it in my ipod now. Their opening track, "The Fun Powder Plot", with its booty calls (my boot, my boot, my boot!) and its Freudian slips is definitely one of my favorite songs at the moment. And not to mention "Hooting and Hollering", with its memorable music video. The album as a whole is really strong, with each song capable of standing alone, and working together as a whole to make one of this year's most enjoyable albums. Other favorites from the album include "All the King's Men" and "This is our Lot".

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