Freaking Internettt

Unfortunately today my internet has been a total bitch this entire day. Frustrating, really. I had hoped to do a very long music playlist today, but due to the late hour I will probably not do it.

So I actually have to figure out some movies to get for Thanksgiving weekend. It's been a tradition for us to sit together and eat pretty much all day and watch movies (typically westerns). I don't know what kind of movies we'll find from the library this year, so the responsibility of finding good movies to watch falls on me. In the quest to find a lot of movies to watch, I happened upon Mary and Max, which is an amazing animated film. It is definitely one of my top favorite films of this year.

I have a feeling that this entire blog post is not very well written. I feel that the best thing would be for me to stop here. And also I'd like to publish this while it's still today and not tomorrow.

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