Honourable Mentions of 2009

I am up to my neck in a post-baking apocalyptic-level mess. Which I will clean just as soon as I finish my honorable mentions list of 2009. All of these albums ended up on this list not because they weren't good, but simply because aside from a few outstanding tracks (which I will post here), they didn't really excite me much. 
  1. Flaming Lips - Embryonic
    Tracks: "I Can Be A Frog (ft. Karen O)", "Worm Mountain (ft. MGMT)", "The Sparrow Looks Up At the Machine"
  2. Monsters of Folk - Monsters of Folk
    Tracks: "Dear God (sincerely M.O.F.)"
  3. M. Ward - Hold Time
    Tracks: "Hold Time", "Rave On (ft. Zooey Deschanel)"
  4. Washed Out - Life of Leisure
    Tracks: "Feel It All Around", "New Theory"
  5. St. Vincent - Actor
    Tracks: "Actor out of Work"
  6. Antony and the Johnsons - The Crying Light
    Tracks: "Her Eyes Are Underneath The Ground", "Aeon", "One Dove"
  7. Volcano Choir - Unmap
    Tracks: "Husks and Shells", "Seeplymouth"
  8. Wavves - Wavvves
    Tracks: "So Bored"
  9. The Dodos - Time to Die
    Tracks: "Longform"
  10. CFCF - Continent
    Tracks: "Raining Patterns"


Anonymous said...

the list is looking good :D <3

Clemente said...

whoaAaa just got here from your last.fm page, thought I'd leave a comment -

honestly I have narrow listening habits and don't know much about the albums from your top ten, but hold time at #3? I mean it was good (especially the second half.. stars of leo, blake's view), but what made it top 10 good?

- arfentul

amda said...

hahah it's only honourable mentions. i knew doing a numbered list would get me! the numbering has no real order (though the ones numbered higher generally were liked more), and i have yet to finish my actual best of 2009

...which i should probably do soon, before it's no longer 2009 hahah

Clemente said...

ooOo... totally skipped the title :P sorry!

*decides not to comment of the strangeness of making an "honorable mentions" list before finishing a "best of..." list*