She Moves She

I guess that I'm suffering from some severe body aches and slow internet. Despite the inch thick frost that we had last night, I still felt like this morning was epicly beautiful, what with the pink tinged sky and the setting full moon. I don't really understand why so many people aren't morning people. Especially when you're living in Washington, what with the trees and the mountains and lakes.

Yesterday I went down to Pike Place Market in Seattle. It was a great experience, partly because I learned a lot more about the history of the place, and also because it was the first time I'd been brought to someplace new in a very long time. Pike Place Market is actually the world's largest public market that is still open, and apparently a lot of the businesses and alleys near the market used to be stables or places where people sent children infected with the Spanish Influenza to die. Fun factz. We also ended up checking out the Chewing Gum Wall, which I guess began because the movie theater there asked people to spit their gum out before they came into the theater, and so it sort of began in a very punk-rock way. The place has actually been pressure-washed twice, so what you see today isn't everything that was there. And of course, we should all be very proud that we have the world's second most unsanitary tourist attraction, just behind Ireland's Blarney Stone.

I have never been an overexcited Yeasayer fan (I honestly thought that All Hour Cymbals was overhyped), but I still cannot get over this song, "Ambling Alp". I find myself actually looking forward to their upcoming stuff, if it will be in the same general vein as this song.

And, just for your benefit, I'll include "Ambling Alp (Memory Tapes remix)" for you all.

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