Just a Second More in My Bed

I'm only just discovering the bliss of Pepperidge Farm cookies and hot cocoa. The weather might be exceedingly cold, but I think I still prefer the cold to the heat. The only thing I have to say is that, sadly, none of my clothes seem to protect me from anything. I was literally bundled all the way up to my eyes, and my entire body was frozen solid (and did not thaw out at all for the few hours I was in the library studying).

The only other reflection I would like to add is that there is a very simple and fundamental joy and freedom in walking. Maybe in just motion itself, but particularly the slow and calm natural rhythms that occur as you walk. I'm sure that the phenomenon that you naturally adjust your walking rhythm to the music you listen to is not new. Or the seeming coincidence when you listen to a song and find that someone is walking exactly to the beat of your music. Walking is deceptively rhythmic and infinitely soothing. Sometimes the happiest parts of my day are the parts where I'm walking by myself.

If you need some walking music, then let me please suggest these four tracks:
Animal Collective - "Summertime Clothes", "Daily Routines", "Bluish" and "Daily Routines (Phaseone Remix)".

And yes, I'll concede that there has been a recent influx of Animal Collective fanaticism. But come on! How can you help it? Have you revisited Merriweather Post Pavilion yet?

Fine. If you want something other than Animal Collective, then here's Flaming Lips "I Can Be A Frog (ft. Karen O)". (Happy now?!) It's interesting that though "I Can Be A Frog" is a far cry from "She Don't Use Jelly" musically, I feel like the theme of both songs are generally consistent. The image in both are of a girl who does whatever she wants (a crude simplification of both songs). Personally I find that "I Can Be A Frog" is better, but I guess it is also a fun reflection on the progression of musical ingenuity, not only of the Flaming Lips themselves but also just music as a whole.

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