This House Is Sad

Is anyone else looking forward to the Geminid Meteor shower on the 13th (which also happens to be my mom's birthday)? I know that the Leonids made their impression last month, which unfortunately came and went for me, despite being looked forward to for a while. We'll see if I remember this one. Personally, though I do think it gets too dark too fast, one benefit is that you can see the stars that much sooner. So maybe I'm lazy and I don't want to wait until eleven at night to see the stars. It's nice to walk home and look up at the stars while listening to "Leaf House" by Animal Collective (and even more fun when you crank it up and try to sing along to all the 'ah ah ah ah's).

I was planning on wearing my earmuffs and earbuds, but then I thought, you know what's a lot like earmuffs and earbuds? Over the ear headphones. That's right. I brought my actual headphones with me to school, and if they didn't provide warmth at the very least they were better quality than the ipod earbuds. I personally kind of want to get another pair of over the ear headphones, just so I can take them with me when I'm going out. The ones I have now are pretty nice, but the cord is about six feet long, and it's frustrating to jam that all in your pocket inconspicuously.

You know what else is inconspicuous? Leaving through the window.

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amda said...

i love 1960s batman.