Cry For a Shadow

For the last couple of weeks I've been a complete shut-in, partially voluntary and mostly because I am much too lazy to want to go out. Is there a better time than this, then, to start working on my music list for next year?

As inspiration, or just fellow commiseration, I am watching Julie & Julia (I don't care if it's a girly movie). I decided to curb the advancement of my insanity by making a list of 250 best albums from the past decade, and listening to each. It's really not much of a daunting task, though, I'll admit. But it's good busy work, finding ratings, reviews, interviews, etc. Honestly, who needs an excuse to listen to good music? I certainly don't; but I do need a reason to do things at all.

I've so far collected about 185 albums, and I only need sixty five more to complete my list. I'm pretty sure I will have all of the necessary albums by January 3rd, but until then I will be scouring the internet.

Here's another snag: some of these albums that I have on my list I can't find anywhere. Most are easy to find, but I have a feeling a few of them, such as William Basinki's The Disintegration Loops, will be harder to obtain. It would be lovely to treat it like a scavenger hunt, but who has the time?

Finally, may I say how fantastic it would be to have Julia Child's temperament? To not worry about mistakes, to always be smiling and laughing, and thriving on difficulty. I'm the exact opposite: usually moody, becoming completely disheartened by every mistake I make, no matter how small, and feeling completely overwhelmed and powerless when things get the best of me. In some ways, Julia Child reminds me of my own mom, except for the fact that she has a wonderful temperament, usually. So yes, I am much more like Julie Powell, minus the having a book published, turned into a movie and being portrayed by Amy Adams. I'm in serious danger of deluding myself with this project though; it would be wonderful to do something interesting and inspiring to others, but I doubt it. I'm not a real writer, and I'm highly unoriginal.

Well, we can all hope, right?

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