I have a feeling that this whole "no computers" thing will be much more difficult than I'd like to admit; I won't be surprised if I literally go through withdrawals. Sadly, me laying down on the floor being a spazz is something most people are used to and expect from me, so I guess it really won't be too different from any other day.

I've definitely been becoming much more attentive to the music that I have, now. It's weird, but I feel like for a really long time my musical tastes were based on intuition -- I didn't pay much to lyrics, vocals, instruments, nothing. Most of my music functions as a background noise -- I guess it's been a really long time since I listened to music as music, not just an escape from myself.

Last summer I read Milan Kundera's book, Slowness, which basically talks about the relationship between speed and forgetting. It mainly is a reflection on people today; that we're all speeding through our lives, forgetting or simply just not seeing things along the way. He goes into a short description about traffic: a man and a woman in the car behind him are impatient and looking for an opportunity to pass him. He points out that neither the man or the woman are thinking about the scenery, nor are they thinking of each other -- they could easily reach out and hold each other's hands, but they don't. I realize now that I've been using music mainly as a way of forgetting, as it drowns out my thoughts and everything in the background that I don't want to hear. Recently, however, I think I may have discovered slowness in music.

I feel confident to say that the Best Albums of 2009 list will be much more comprehensive and honest. In the past, I generally regurgitated things I read on the internet, or just said something very generic and moved on. I definitely feel that this year the music and my review of it will be much better.

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Anonymous said...

YAY I'm excited to see the review! It's going to be fricken amazing I'm sure