Every Time You Try

Uhh...guess who didn't layer at all today, even though it was freezing out? On the bright side, I reached a level of equilibrium with the weather, so though I am now a human popsicle at least I'll never be cold again.

Oh, and while we're playing "Guess Who?", GUESS WHO ISN'T GOING TO SEE MEW TONIGHT. Ha...

I'll just sit here quietly sulking while listening to No More Stories Are Told Today I'm Sorry They Washed Away No More Stories The World Is Grey I'm Tired Let's Wash Away. Boy isn't that a mouthful?

Mew - "Introducing Palace Players"

Aaaand...Kid Cudi - "Cudder is Back" and "Pursuit of Happiness".
Yeah, so he raps over Vampire Weekend and he has a music video. Woop! Light up the blogs.

(*Grumble grumble* Can you tell that I'm in a grumbly sort of mood?)

Finally, GUESS WHO'S TAKING A NAP NOW. Yeahhh...best, most eloquently written blog ever. Thanks.


amda said...

Do? I? Ask? Too? Many? Questions?

Nathan said...