Two Sails

I didn't even realize that today was New Year's Eve. So here's another year brought in by internet, television (Family Guy on my laptop and a Jackie Chan marathon going on for my mom) and standing by the microwave waiting for my dinner to finish -- mm, water, salt, half-cooked rice and something called "pork fu". Which isn't so bad, since that's how every year passes by; my family doesn't really have much of a new year's tradition, and we aren't allowed to go out at night. One thing to look forward to is hanging out with my friend Jessie, which will be a first since last summer. She attends RISD and came back for the holidays, though unfortunately we didn't have time to see each other until 2010. And then there will be my sister's birthday, the last day of my vacation, and then back out into the world on January 4th.

So how did I spend my day?  Of course with the 365 day project. I managed to finish writing down all 185 albums that are definitely going to be on my list, and I also wrote down a lot of runners up -- 168 of them. I'm still trying to figure out the last 65 albums for my list, which is much harder than you'd think. I'm quite biased, to be honest, and I'm tempted to add albums that may be good, but not necessarily the top 250 of the past decade.

Rest assured, as soon as the list is finished it will be shared here.

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