Heart Like a Stone

I decided yesterday that I would swear off computers for about two weeks until my finals are over, because otherwise I'd never actually study ever. The only loophole is that I plan to keep updating Hipsteradio, simply for the sake of continuity.

I changed my layout again, only because I am perpetually restless. I am considering getting an official Hipsteradio layout, one that I will have to stick with. Above all I actually wish that I could have my own domain; not that Blogger isn't great, but it would be cool to actually have much more discretion with my own site material. Maybe that will work itself out in the days to come.

As for the music, all I have to offer is The Raveonettes' "Oh I Buried You Today".

I did actually manage to grab Meco's Christmas in the Stars: Star Wars Christmas Album, and I'm not really sure what to say. The majority of the songs are of C-3PO singing to R2-D2 (some explaining what bells are, others teaching R2-D2 how to sing), and a lot of the lyrics have to do with what to get a wookie for Christmas if they already have a comb (later on in the album a robot tells you that they've calculated the best present for a wookie who already has a comb is to get them a brush...clever, guys). Sadly, the best track on the entire album is "R2-D2 We Wish You a Merry Christmas" which apparently is also the first professional recording of Jon Bon Jovi. Overall it's a pretty terrible album, but most Christmas albums tend to be that way. (Sorry, Bob Dylan)

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